What should I do before face to face meeting?

According to the plan explained above, each participant shall have these tasks done before the face to face meeting:
- Read the information available about the case of study and lectures given.
- Create a simple model in SWMM 5.2. as a first approach of the coming weekend.
- Start the communication with you classmates and teams collaborators. 
- Read and study.

What should I do during the face to face meeting?

During the face to face meeting, all the teams will work on case of La Riereta. 
Besides, the committee will give one technical question about numerical modelling to each team.

Therefore the tasks of each team during face to face meeting are:
- Work on hydraulic model in SWMM 5.2. Build a urban hydraulic model.
- Calibrate and validate the model with discharge and rainfall data.
- Update the technical results and other information (team photos, videos, team management details etc.) on the team website.
- To answer a technical question regarding the rehabilitation of the sewer network. 

In the middle of the week (Wednesday) each team will have to upload a short report about the advances of the week explaining what has been done until that moment. The report must be submitted in English.
At the end of the week each team will have to present a final report (uploaded in the website) and a presentation (power point)showing results of the model calibrated and validated. At the same time each team will have to answer the question given for the rehabilitation of the sewer network. 

Hydrological charasteristic Riereta catchement